Rae Francoeur



Free Fall

This is free fall. It’s where people like me, people with a penchant for control, never choose to go. In free fall, you cleave to the moment. There are no expectations to live up to, no ideas about the future to dictate next moves, no to-do list to give the days and nights to come a structure. Question: Are there days and nights to come? I have absolutely no understanding of what’s next. I have to just be. I am not the type.

                                                                                   —FREE FALL

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“In intimate, erotic, spare and muscular prose, Francoeur draws us into her world.”

—Lynn Harnett
Sunday Portsmouth Herald

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Writing about Sex
at the American Society of Journalists and Authors writers conference on April 28 in Manhattan.
Rae is one of four panelists, along with sexpert moderator Joan Price.

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